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For decades, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) has relied on its high performance computing (HPC) capabilities to deliver critical, high-impact results for the nation’s security. This mission also encompasses a wide range of scientific research—both fundamental and applied—enabled by HPC. Indeed, cutting-edge computing resources underpin nearly every activity at the Lab.

Taking full advantage of HPC architectures is difficult in an ever-changing and increasingly complex, competitive landscape. But effectively using HPC has never been more important because the payoffs are massive and the stakes are high. In addition, researchers are continuously discovering new approaches and techniques.

That’s why collaboration is key: We’re most successful when we can leverage innovation from multiple sources. Open-source software is a natural mechanism for this, and the HPCIC aims to make these resources as accessible and user-friendly as possible.

We encourage you to learn from the Lab’s vast HPC experience, using the tools and software products we’ve developed for your unique needs. The cloud makes this easier than ever, allowing for hands-on exploration of new software on the latest computing architectures. We are developing cloud-friendly tutorials and other resources, and this website will expand accordingly.

Please contact us if you see an opportunity to work together. We’re excited to form collaborative partnerships to tackle common challenges and create mutually beneficial solutions to current and emerging HPC challenges.

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Erik Draeger
Erik Draeger, director
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David Beckingsale, deputy director